There are lots of ways you can help us find forever homes for animals!  Think you can help make a difference?  Contact us!

You can fill out the Dog Foster Application Form or the Cat Foster Application Form online!

Here's are a few things we can use help with:

  • Foster Homes: We can only rescue as many animals as we can find foster homes for. Please save a life and volunteer to a cat or dog from a high-kill shelter this year. Please fill out the Dog or Cat Foster Application above.

  • Backup Foster Homes: Can't commit? Volunteer to be short-term backup foster care and fill in for foster homes when they need to travel.Please fill out the Dog or Cat Foster Application above.

  • Animal Transportation: Help drive animals from shelters to foster homes, or transport animals from foster homes to spay / neuter appointments.

  • Animal Assessment: Visit shelters and assess animals behavior and health to see if they would be a good fit for certain foster homes.

  • Craigslist posts: We need two more volunteers to help us post adoptable animals on Craigslist. We need someone to cover Wednesdays, and we could use one more person on weekends.

  • Bio Writers: Every animal on our website needs a bio written, our foster homes will give you notes about their personalities and you write up a bio!

  • Newsletters: Help with our newsletters!

  • Foster Home Coordinator: Keep in touch with active foster homes to update animal info, pictures etc.

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Help manage, and recruit volunteers for various tasks such as transport, photography, etc.

  • Photography volunteers: If you are handy with a camera and want some cuddle time, volunteer as a photographer and help us get great pictures of our foster animals. We can use photography volunteers in Santa Cruz county, San Mateo county, Santa Clara county, Alameda county and San Joaquin county.

  • PetFinder Updates: Help keep our list of adoptable animals up to date as animals are adopted and as new animals are rescued.

  • Ebay & Etsy stores: We now have an Ebay and Etsy store and we can use volunteers to manage both stores, help collect donations, list items for sale, store and ship items for sale.